in the garden

Yesterday, on a whim, I picked up some nasturtiums at the grocery store, when I got home, I realized I really didn’t have anywhere good to plant them, so I gave up waiting for someone to help me move the wine barrel that used to grow blackberries and decided to move it myself.

I am unscathed, my toes are all still in tact, and there is only a little scraping on the flagstone. Gavin showed me how to install the additional drip lines, so the third barrel is now on the 3-day-a-week watering schedule along with the rest of the garden.

The third barrel is now home to two nasturtiums, a discounted pepper plant, six bean bushes, and two cucumbers. Oliver has already uprooted both the cucumbers, and I promptly replanted – them hopefully they will survive. The barrel in the far corner continues to occasionally produce strawberries, and my herb barrel is still thriving. Eventually I need to find a spot to plant the garlic sprouting in the far recesses of the fridge.A few more items of note around our backyard:

The lemon tree is continuing to thrive. We have been fertilizing it monthly and put a thick layer of cedar bark mulch around the perimeter of the planter to ward off slugs, we also put broken eggshells around the base of tree to kill off any who survived the trip over the bark mulch.

The hammock is finally up, it has been sitting in the garage since we moved in, and last week we finally felt inspired to it out. It is fantastic to be able to lay out in the hammock while O splashes in the water table,  and we have used it almost daily. O has been enjoying it as well, demanding up, and then having a quick alfresco snack (or pound & bounce session on Gavin’s kidneys).

My mint continues to thrive, even though it is not on the drip. I use the water from O’s water table to water it at the end of the day, and O liberally waters them through out the day as he sees fit. Thankfully they drain nicely.

3 thoughts on “in the garden

  1. In my experience, which is not very much, mint tends to enjoy a lot of water. We had a lot of rain in May and my mint exploded! This is a peppermint plant.
    Having a good drainage system is key.

    What do you cook, bake, use your mint for? Do you use your other herbs in cooking?

    I should use my basil and rosemary more–but I’m out of recipe ideas.

  2. @Kelly,

    I mostly have the mint b/c it smells nice & is safe for the baby to eat. It is a natural pest deterrent, and I occasionally smash some into lemonade or use it to garnish a dish (like for the wedding shower).

    The thyme, basil & rosemary occasionally make it into sauces and stuff. My parsley is too pathetic to do much with, as are my chives. I mostly cook with garlic, it’s hard to go wrong with that. 😀

  3. I love the mint as well. It’s a great ground cover and nice to garnish summer drinks and salads. Most of all I like my basil. I’ve cut up the leaves and put it into my salads. It just adds tiny bits of flavor. In the morning we like to make a blender drink, smoothie or the like, and then I take the fruit and veggie scraps, egg shells, banana peels and blend them with lots of water to make “garden soup.” We don’t have a compost heap so I just pour the garden soup around the plants.

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