Swimming Lessons – Update

Today marked the end of our first week of swimming lessons, they have gotten slightly better. Oliver will unhappily float on his back (gripping my arm for dear life), happily float resting his upper body on an over-sized kick board, and grumpily allow himself to have his face submerged for short periods of time.

The biggest problems are his toes and the post-swim lesson locker room routine. After about 20 minutes into the 30 minute session they start turning blue, and the shivering sets in, so we do what most responsible parents do and get out and go shower off with warm water.

O does not like the warm shower (he likes the warm, just not the shower), or the indignity of being one of the very few males in the women’s locker room. Most men would be thrilled to be surrounded naked women, O, not so much. This is probably because he sits in a corner wrapped in a towel shivering until he gets dried off and clothed (still shivering), and then he as to wait until I get dried off and dressed.

Then we get to go to the park. The park is much more fun than swimming.

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