4 Weeks of “Swimming Lessons” Started Today

O’s first day of Parent/Toddler Swim Lessons was today, they weren’t so much swim lessons as they were water acclimatization time. O and half a dozen other Very Young Children accompanied by their respective Responsible Adult spent half an hour in the pool, playing games, attempting to encourage floating, kicking and the occasional face-under-water experience.

How did it go? There was no screaming, there was no terror, there was just a great deal of Extreme Uncertainty, and because I was the Safest Thing in the pool, O clung to me like the baby monkeys in National Geographic specials cling to their respective responsible adults.

O floated rigidly, clutching my shoulder for dear life, refusing to kick, and was unhappily pulled along. He clung to me, my bathing suit, and wrapped his arms around my neck with surprising strength. Eventually I pried him free and made him face the other children, some of which were doing better, some of which were faring far worse.

The loud and vocal protesting happened in the changing room, peeling off the wet swim trunks, swim diaper and re-clothing him. He fell asleep shortly after we got in the car, hopefully he’ll sleep well tonight.

Some extra thoughts on the process:

– I used more sunscreen on him then I’ve used on myself in recent memory. After showers (and O’s ritual bedtime bath) we still smell faintly of chlorine and sunscreen.

– I am glad to have multiple swim suits for both O and I so they can rotate so we are not wearing slightly clammy suits. I am also glad to have several old large towels (from back when I was in college) so we can have fresh towels every day as well.

– I am going to wear a hat tomorrow, and I am going to bring O’s sun hat as well, it is horribly bright out. Do I have a hat other than my communistical cap, floppy hippy garden hat, failed pumpkin beanie and witches novelty hat? I should probably go look.

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