Father’s Day

Oliver at 17 months, photo by Aunt Megan
Oliver at 17 months, photo by Aunt Megan

Today is Father’s Day and Oliver’s turned 17 months old. We are in Palo Alto and I forgot my camera in Sebastopol so there are no photos of this occasion to share. I also didn’t bring my laptop so this is being typed on Gavin’s iPad. Such is life.

Gavin is having a very successful Father’s Day, after church we had waffles and then went to Joseph A Banks to him stylishly outfitted with their buy-one get two free special (which conveniently ended today). We are staying an extra night so Gavin can get things tailored in the morning.

Oliver also got fun new things as well, a rather fun push truck from the new eco-friendly store in downtown Palo Alto. It is made by Sprig Toys out of recycled plastics. The driver conceals a flash drive and his hat lights up, he also tells a story, but only when the truck is being pushed. Happily there are no batteries, and the story setting is optional.

If I remember I will try to have Dulce take a Father’s Day photo and a 17-month photo to share with you later, if not, then at some point in the next week I will post belated ones.

Gavin and Oliver, photo by Aunt Megan

I hope all the fathers out there have a wonderful Father’s Day and that they are not gifted too many new ties.

Update 6/22/10: Photos have been added.  Aunt Megan took several on Father’s Day, and Oliver’s 17 month album will be coming soon!

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