Office Shelves Project Finally Finished!

At long last the new shelves in the office have been installed. We used Rakks shelving and bought some 8-inch deep boards that we sanded, stained and sealed ourselves.

The hutch that formerly ate up desk space and made the desk wobble unsteadily is now in the garage (if anyone wants it and can pick it up from our place it is free). I also have a new office chair, the old one has been moved to our guest room.

I openly acknowledge there is a lot of random stuff on the shelves in the photo below. The idea was to free up desk space and have things out of Oliver’s reach. Eventually they will achieve a Neat and Organized look (or at the very least, Neater and More Organized than they are in the photo).

2 thoughts on “Office Shelves Project Finally Finished!

  1. Looks neat and tidy.
    Open spaces like that – and we have plenty – are dust catchers…
    seriously considering hiding all of it… just don’t know how.

    Ah… what to do.

  2. One day when I am Very Rich from Blogging I will have enclosed bookcases with glass doors, until then I will employ a damp rag & dusting cloths.

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