Mission Accomplished: Wedding Shower

The blog has been quiet for a few days now and I have the perfect excuse, on Sunday we hosted a wedding shower for about 30 people.

I’ve been busy cleaning the house, making and re-making and checking lists, baking (48 mini-cheesecakes and 96 mini-chocolate cupcakes), shopping for food, and setting up the White Powder Game.

the food

I was also busy praying for nice weather. With under 1200 square feet of house (including garage) we were a little nervous about 30 people piling in. Thankfully the weather was lovely, although Gavin and I are seriously considering getting a third umbrella for next summer.

outside, figuring out the Mysterious White Powders

Amazingly we all fit (well, mostly fit) in the living room to open presents. The Couple of Honor were gifted lots of little fun kitchen implements and seemed quite pleased to “finally have matching measuring cups!!”

opening presents

Oliver spent the afternoon with our wonderful babysitter, playing at the park. He “played nicely with the other children,” enjoyed the snacks I had packed for him, and then fell soundly asleep in the stroller on the way home.

the guests, bride & groom are seated

I would like to thank my co-host, Becca for all her help with the shower, and my MIL, Dulce for all her assistance with all the little details (and the car-full of extra super-helpful stuff she hauled up).

2 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished: Wedding Shower

  1. Including Kindli and Gavin there are 24 people in the picture.
    All looks lovely!
    Oma would be proud… I need to tell her! Hugs Irene & Pete

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