O’s First Haircut

This afternoon Oliver got his first haircut. His hair was getting long, and it had that “West County Guy” look it. Gavin went first to demonstrate how thrilling haircuts could be, and then Oliver bravely sat on the booster seat.

Apparently putting the cape on babies makes them scream, so O rocked the topless look.

Our fabulous hairdresser, Annette, gave him a comb to keep him occupied while she carefully trimmed. He kept her on her toes, twisting his head around so he could see what she was up to.

Gavin helped keep him distracted, and I snapped a few photos of the process. Everyone was very impressed with how well Oliver behaved. Apparently not all babies sit (mostly) still to have their hair cut, some freak out, melt down and scream. I’m really glad that didn’t happen to us.

This is not the best photo of his new haircut, he lunged at the camera, but it is the only one I have of it so far. We have a little bag of the wispy trimmings.

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