Front Yard Photos!

As promised, photos of the progress we’ve been making on the yard.

In the back, Oliver is enjoying his new mulch pit and the $1 Spot Spinnies from Target.

Oliver enjoys his new Mulch Pit
Oliver enjoys his new Mulch Pit

In the front, the Japanese Maple is in full foliage (the bright green bushy thing), and the lambs ears (little green lettuce looking things) are doing well. The other two kinds of plants (can’t remember their names) are also doing well. The big bushy thing with the pink flowers, asian pear tree and jasmine also are all doing well.


On the other side, I have re-mulched around the little poofy bamboos, lavenders and the new rosemary. We are going to get some more broken flagstone bits to form little pathways to make it easier to walk around and weed (hopefully we won’t need to, we’ve put down quite a bit of weed paper and mulch).


The backyard is still being power washed, and cleaned up. We have added a second large umbrella, and have a smaller one to put over Oliver’s play area as needed. The patio chairs are still under cover, they’ll probably need to be hosed off after a long winter as a spider hotel.


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