O’s new play area

When we first moved in to our new house way back in Fall 2008 the previous owners had put in a dog run to contain their pets. It was gross, gravely, weedy, and unsafe.

Fall 2008 - the dog run

Before we moved in, we had the dog run taken out and the broken concrete bench replaced.

no more dog run!

For the last year we have been preparing the area to be a play spot for Oliver. Last spring/summer we pulled out weeds, scraped gravel and dirt, power washed the fences, removed odd chunks of questionable material, and added some wine barrel planters.

img_5005last summer’s look

This past weekend, we finished off the project. Weed paper, 12 bags of mulch and a redwood 1×6 finished off the play area.


We hope to add a sandbox and possibly a water-table to the area. The mulch is much nicer for a beginning walker, little digger, and general explorer than the flagstone patio. We also have a small umbrella to add.


When Oliver out grows sandboxes and water tables, we plan to put our hammock up in that space.

the hammock up at our old place
the hammock up at our old place

I miss our hammock.

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