O’s 3d trip to Houston

This past weekend Oliver, Gavin & I visited my parents in Houston. Heidi and Matt have a post and some photos of the trip on their blog See Trail.

Our trip started at SFO, where Oliver was quite excited by the ramp from our gate up to the TSA check point, men’s bathrooms and exit of no-re-entrance. He would only go up the incline, then complain bitterly when he was not allowed to bolt to the nearest exit/door/security check point.

Oliver & Gavin walk at SFO

Thankfully, we had uneventful flights and the weather in Houston was very nice. We visited with my parents, Oma, Heidi and Matt.

Oliver picked the weekend to cut two new top teeth, and I accidentally picked the weekend that Daylight Saving Time kicked in. Oops there.

Uncle Matt & Aunt Heidi

It took Oliver a few days to warm up to everyone. He spent most of Friday and Saturday clinging to me, teething, and glaring at people.

Kindli & Oliver with Grandpa Pete
Oma with Oliver

I will post more photos in Oliver’s 13 month picasa album, yes, I’ve finally created one (just now).

Oliver & Grandma Irene

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