Pet Rocks

For a while when people asked us if we were considering having a second child we’d reply, “Maybe someday, or he could have a puppy.” The truth is, I’m not a huge fan of puppies, they’re messy, stinky and need to be trained. There is enough training with a baby: rolling over, crawling and now walking. Eventually we’ll need to potty train the baby, and with play dates and activities who has time to properly train a dog?

This has led me to think about other potential pets: small mammals are awful vicious little creatures, rats eat their young, hamsters are evil, and gerbils are sneaky and hard to contain. Birds are out, but they were never in the running. Fish are dull, but easily disposable and replaceable.

I think this idea has a lot of potential. There are a variety of rocks to pick from, and the come in a variety of sizes. They don’t shed, don’t make noise, don’t need to be fed, don’t need exercise or special equipment and don’t die. They can get misplaced, but they can also be replaced.

I really like the idea of a pet rock. Thankfully I still have a few years before Oliver can express an opinion on this.

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2 thoughts on “Pet Rocks

  1. BAD Sib. BAD! For cryin’ out loud, you NEVER get a puppy! Find an old, mellow, trained dog at the shelter (there are plenty). Also, fake fish can be charming and easily ignored. Don’t do live fish. Just don’t. I know too many fish people.

    Rocks are good, old dogs are good. Cats are iffy.

    -Auntie H
    Zookeeper, Rehabber, Small Animal Enthusiast

  2. If you gave Oliver a pet rock now, he might attempt to eat it.

    Or Oliver could just be an only child in a petless home. Children have endured worse fates 😉

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