All Tied Up

Last week I posted a photo of Oliver’s snack time and asked everyone to guess what he’d been decimating, the person who guessed 4 out of 4 right would win a batch of homemade cookies. Most people guessed three out of four right:

  1. apple
  2. cracker of some kind (Annie’s Graham Bunnies)
  3. fignewton (raspberry)

and then there was the fourth snack:

  • “not chocolate… dried plum”
  • “Brownie”
  • “suspicious looking chocolate/brown thingy”
  • “chocolate of some sort”
  • “some sort of alien substance, judging by how elusive it is.”

The fourth snack was a small piece of Lebkuchen, a traditional German biscuit that resembles soft gingerbread, this particular piece was coated in a super-thin layer of chocolate. There was also diluted apple juice in his sippy cup.

Because most people got 3 out of 4 right, I have e-mailed the previous commenters to see if they would prefer a tie breaker photo, or I could have Oliver pull a random number out of a hat. I hope to post the results soon, I know someone wants cookies!

UPDATE: as soon as I find our video camera Oliver will pick the winner from a hat/bowl/container of sorts

UPDATE 2: I have no idea where the video camera is, hopefully we can settle for a photo-finish.

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