Thomas & Friends: Invasion of the Living Room

A few weeks ago in a fit of clearing out my wallet I discovered several Babies’R’Us gift cards. As a general rule I loathe baby megastores, but we had been gifted gift cards so I figured I should put them to use.

I had already been investigating pop-up play tents online so O could have a place to crawl in and out of, play peek-a-boo in, and have a fun space to call his own, so I turned to B’R’U’s website to see what they had (and how I could most efficiently use up the gift cards). After a few searches I found Thomas the Tank Engine with Clarabel and Annie. It had positive reviews, there are worse franchises than Thomas & Friends, and after the gift cards, tax and shipping and handling it was about $5.

T&F arrived today in a large box, inside the box were the packing slip and receipt, some bubble pack and a smaller box with T&F on the cover. Inside the smaller box was a blue bag, about 14×14. T&F were twisted up inside the blue bag, sort of like collapsable laundry baskets. As soon as I freed them from the bag they popped up and easily took shape.

Then I realized how large they really were. Then Gavin came home for lunch and saw T&F. Before he said hello, he said “It’s HUGE!”


Yes, but it was only $5 (after gift cards) at Babies’R’Us.

“When were you at Babies’R’Us?” (this is a valid question, the nearest Babies’R’Us is in San Rafael)

Babies’R’Us online.


After lunch we let Oliver explore it. He happily crawled and giggled along the length of the structure, played peek-a-boo, hid, and peered out the doors and mesh widows.


“At least the baby likes it”

And it folds flat.


I’m not sure I’m ever going to get it back into the little blue carrying bag, but it does fold nicely for storage in our Harry Potter room. I’m also pretty sure that T&F are going to get folded away at night and not become a permanent fixture in our living room.

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