T2 Rise of the Oliver

After juggling an umbrella and a baby on Monday’s trip to Mini Music and the grocery store I promised Oliver I would get him a water-resistant coat, he already has a very nice pea coat, but it does not do much against the rain.

Thankfully, LandsEnd was having a massive winter clearance sale. Oliver got a nice 3-in-one rain resistant shell with a removable cozy zip-in zip-out fleece liner that can be worn on its own.


O’s new jacket is optimistically sized in T2. Why T2? He’s already fitting 12-18 months perfectly and there was nothing in 18-24 months. Yes, it is a little on the large size but it should fit him quite nicely for the rest of the year (or at least the rest of this season’s cold).

The jacket got a test-run in light drizzle today, it held up quite well, O was cozy and dry.


As much as we like O’s fun collection of hats, the water-resistant hood is a nice touch.

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