my breast milk is unpasteurized

This evening while Gavin was at his HOA Board Meeting and Oliver and I were watching a documentary on Enron’s collapse, I got a call from a very nice fellow conducting a survey about USDA/FDA food storage and safety practices.

He was being paid by the completed survey (I always ask), and was fairly impressed (and somewhat amused) by my answers:

Yes, I have a variety of thermometers, a leave-it-in thermometer, several instant-read thermometers, yes, one of them is digital, and a candy thermometer.

How well do you cook your beef? Depends on the beef, the organic grass fed stuff where you had the chance to meet the meat before hand, medium rare (pink not bloody), the ground mystery beef from Safeway, well done. No, I’m not going to eat anything raw.

Would you eat a chicken or beef casserole/stew that had been sitting at room temperature for a few hours? I make a point of not eating casseroles and stews, but it would depend on what else is in them. If it was a well cooked beef chili probably, if it was some creamy chicken casserole I wouldn’t go near it to begin with.

Have I eaten raw egg? Yeah, it was in cookie dough/batter, and salmonella is on the egg shell, not in the egg itself.

Has anyone in my household consumed unpasteurized milk? Yes. What? Last time I checked my breast milk was unpasteurized. Long pause. Oh.

Have you consumed a long list of fish/shellfish/raw fish/cooked fish? Um, no. Yeah, I know about the omega 3s, but I also know about mercury, don’t particularly like fish (unless it is fried and in a po-boy or in fish-and-chips), and I know where shrimp live, ew ew ew.

Have you gotten food/recall/health information from health websites such as WebMD? No. I hate WebMD. E-mail from friends/family? Yes, but I mostly ignored it. From professionals, Drs/etc. Yes. Facebook/Twitter/Myspace? Haha, no.

Who should avoid fish/shellfish/raw fish? Pregnant and nursing women and people with underlying health issues (duh). You were paying attention. Its kind of hard to avoid that kind of helpful advice.

Occupation? Full-time wife and mother, no evenings, no weekends.

Income? I don’t make anything, how much does my husband make? You’d have to ask him.

Ethnicity? “Other” What kind of “other?” Cajun and heavily mixed European. Cajun? Yes.

I was a bit surprised they only asked about beef and chicken, no pork or dairy. Most of the time I’ve had food-related issues it has been dairy, things like Alfredo sauce. I was also annoyed by the automatic assumption that home made ice creams and certain types of icing  had raw egg in them – that’s what the candy and instant read thermometers are for, duh.

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