O & the Arts

It is January and cold and torrential downpour have decreased the likelihood of us getting out of the house (much less going to the park), so Oliver and I signed up for Mini Music every Monday through mid-March, it was part of my New Years Resolution to Do Something outside the house with O once a week, other than running errands and going to the park.

Today was our first day of Mini Music, the songs are insidiously cheerful, and incredibly catchy. O was a little hesitant at first, but towards the end of the hour he was getting the hang of it. When we came home and I put on the CD of songs, he lit up, and did his best at an interpretive dance.

O has also taken up drawing, his first creation was an abstract pen and ink sketch.

Oliver 1/24/10

We’re calling it Oliver 1/24/10 because we can’t pronounce what O said after it was finished, there were quite a few high-pitched oddly placed vowels. We have taken a picture to remember it, and it is currently residing on my bulletin board.

Perhaps he’ll grow up to be an artist, remember to support the arts, sometimes angry artists grow up to be dictators.

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