by-the-numbers look at O’s 1st year

Happy 1st Birthday Oliver!


While news outlets are analyzing Obama’s First Year in office, we’re checking out Oliver’s First year.

Highlights of O’s First Year By the Numbers:

– 181 birth announcements sent

–  over 1000 diapers changed (we lost track after the third box of 90, and once we moved to boxes of 200+ it was hopeless)

– 3 teeth (and another on the way)

– 0 haircuts

– 2 trips to Houston

– met 2 aunts, 1 uncle, 2 great-uncles & 1 great-aunt

– met 4 grandparents & 1 great-grandparent

– 1 trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

– 132 blog posts tagged “Oliver

– 4,359 photos tagged as “Oliver” in Kindli’s iPhoto

– star of 37 YouTube videos

– 8 people at his 1st birthday party


Oliver’s tab has also been updated slightly.

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