kitchen coordinates

O has pretty much free run of the first floor of our house. We have a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs, and we close the door to the bathroom and laundry room. Usually I can hear what he’s up to, he frequently takes along something to slide along on, bangs on things, and makes enough noise so that I have a general idea of where he is.

The other day I experienced a moment of “it’s a little too quiet in here” followed by “where is the baby!?” I called for him -he’s usually responds-  but there was silence. I was a little concerned, but as I had heard nothing I figured he must be mostly OK.


I walked into the kitchen and saw O diligently, quietly (sneakily), removing my ziploc and Tupperware containers from the cabinet. Thankfully my Le Creuset was too heavy for him to budge.  


Until recently O had been content with using the cabinet doors to steady himself, they would open, he would catch and smash his fingers and he would promptly sit back down. A small fuss and loud thud usually accompanied this action. I was hoping that the finger-smashing would be enough of a deterrent to keep him out, clearly I was wrong.


I wanted to use duct tape, but Gavin insisted we use the masking tape (we don’t want to repaint the cabinets). The blue is nice and coordinates well with some of our dishtowels, but it isn’t a great long-term solution, just a stark visual reminder to get cabinet latches.

Update: The masking tape wasn’t enough and he’s broken back into the ziploc & tupperware cabinet again. Thankfully he seems contented with that and is staying out of my bakeware and nice pots & pans. A more permanent solution should be in place by this weekend.

4 thoughts on “kitchen coordinates

  1. Happy New Year! Abandon all hope, if she’s determined enough, nothing is safe. 😉 On a more serious note, I’ll send an e-mail your way with what we’ve learned (so far).

  2. As long as nothing is breakable… or toxic… let him have access.
    Eventually this too will pass.
    My grandmother said… you have to eat a pound of dirt before you grow up… and your floors look clean so don’t worry it’s not going to kill either of you.

    Hugs to all
    O’s grandma in Houston… LOL

  3. We plan to limit access to all the cabinets except one so he can still have the pleasure of playing with tupperware & smashing his fingers in a cabinet door. This seems like the best compromise.

    Our floor is deceptively clean, given the opportunity, O could feast for weeks off the crumbs (most of which he’s dropped on the floor to save for later).

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