Oliver’s First Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We drove down to Palo Alto to visit with Grandma Dulce and Aunt Megan for Christmas. On the way down we were stuck in traffic on 19th, luckily, we had Friend Truck!

Friend Truck plays with Tonka Toys
Oliver sat patiently in the back seat

Christmas morning, Oliver made out like a bandit – not quite as big a haul as last year’s crib and changing table, but still a fair number of fun toys:

a John Deere tractor from the L Family - photo by Aunt Megan

Oliver greatly enjoyed pulling on ribbons and playing with boxes, the toys were cool, but so were Mommy & Daddy’s new napkins.

Oliver approves of the new napkins
a rainbow stacker from Grandma & Aunt Meg - photo by Aunt Megan

There were also PJs from Grandma, a t-shirt and shoes from “Santa”, and a number of other fun items. Grandma Irene sent a personalized stocking which will grace the mantle (or stocking hook on the bookcase) for many Christmases to come.

When the packaging had cleared (and we’d all gotten dressed), Gavin and I took Oliver to the park.

the swings are fun

After the park Oliver bounced on his new Rody and practiced his mountaineering skills on Gavin.

Rody, the Punky Green Pony from "Auntie" Lessie
Rody, the Punky Green Pony from Auntie Leslie in Munchen
the quest for technology is endless
the quest for technology is endless

Eventually I’ll do a massive photo update with an 11 month album. I’ve been busy doing other things (baking 18 doz. cookies, 2 almond ring coffee cakes, and a 4-layer german chocolate cake; celebrating Christmas, visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium, driving home, and doing laundry).

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