Cuties & Christmas Trees

We’ve been through about 15 lbs of cuties so far this season and Oliver has been doing his part to help.


In a controlled setting, he grips a wedge firmly, gnaws it to a pulp, and then spits the pulp out. He greatly enjoys the process.


Today, while I decorated our Little Tree, O enjoyed a cutie wedge (or two, or three…) and some rice chex. They kept him mostly occupied and highly entertained.


The tree still has the mutant attack penguin from our first (failed) tree in Boston. It decorated the long deceased Christmas Shrub of ’07, and the Dinky Tree of ’08.

This year we have Little Tree, not any taller than O, and it is alive (from Safeway). Like the previous live trees, it probably won’t last the season. Gavin will probably have moral objections to its untimely demise, but I feel it is no worse than cutting down a live tree, after all, it might beat the odds and survive this year.

Admittedly this is highly unlikely, but I can hope… it is also unlikely that Gavin even noticed the tree was up, much less that it is a live tree and not last year’s plastic tree that made O have a meltdown when I attempted Christmas photos… although he does read our blog, it shows up on his RSS feed, so maybe he’ll notice those facts this post. Hmmm…

Update: Gavin has read the blog post… first he got distracted by the cuties link, then after a discussion of  previous trees he realized the one down stairs was “not the fake one?

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