Oliver’s First Chanukah

Friday night we were invited to a Chanuka Party to celebrate the first of  the eight nights. We’re not Jewish, but we like latkes (Kartoffelpfannkuchen), and it was a chance to visit with friends.

Oliver was on his best behavior, enjoying apple sauce and a teething biskit for dinner. He sampled dessert, icecream filled dreidels, and made such a face that we didn’t offer him any more. Gavin and I enjoyed turkey, latkes, green beans and cooked spiced apples.

After dinner, O amused himself by walking around the coffee table, trying to eat beeswax candles and petting the dogs. Fortunately, the dogs didn’t mind being petted by a 10 month old. Gavin and I had a fairly restful evening chatting and answering questions about O (is he always this good?).

At the end of the evening, O was gifted a small plush dreidel which he happily teethed on as we drove to Grandma’s.

I did not get any photos, but I was told someone did and that eventually some will be e-mailed out way. When I get them, I will post them.

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