Oliver visits King Tut

Oliver had his first trip to the museum, today he went to see the King Tut exhibit at the De Young in San Francisco.

We got tickets for the 9:30-10am entrance (special exhibit) to avoid crowds, even thought it meant we had to leave Sebastopol a little after 8. It worked nicely, we met up with Dana at the bag-check, and were in line to enter by about 9:40.

Strollers were not allowed in the exhibit, nor was photography. O spent the first half of the exhibit in the ergo strapped to Gavin, then, after a discreet snack in a dark corner, I took over the ergo duties.

this was not in the exhibit hall, this was outside the gift shop which was almost as exciting as the exhibit itself

The exhibit was ten rooms, the first six were mostly of old Egyptian things that might have belonged to Tut’s relations (father/mother/grandmother), the remaining four rooms were things found in Tut’s tomb.

Why was Tut important? In the grand scheme of things, he wasn’t, but he does make for a fun exhibit.*

After a short walk around the lovely green space in front of the De Young, we went to Mel’s Drive-in on Geary, where Oliver enjoyed squash puree and a teething biskit.

teething biskits are amazing things

Oliver was very well behaved throughout both his museum and dining out experience. He played quietly with some toys and napped in his car seat on the drive home. We look forward to more exciting outings with the little fellow.

*Gavin has informed me King Tut is important precisely because he was NOT important and because he was left alone for 4000 years. Apparently Tut’s tomb is one of the only undisturbed ones they’ve come across and they were able to learn quite a lot about the ancient Egyptians from their find.

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