the bottom shelf is for toys!

When we moved the large antique bookcase into our living room last November we intentionally left the bottom shelf mostly empty -it held throws, extra pillows, and other things that would eventually find a home elsewhere. We knew that in a few short months the Pudge would be joining our family, and we purposely set aside the shelf as a space for Pudge’s future toy collection.


The Pudge has long since been replaced by Oliver, an incredibly curious little fellow, who throughly enjoys the noise of a tub of Duplos being pulled off the bottom shelf.

Thankfully, Grandma Irene only gave him about two dozen to bring home from Houston, although she has promised to send more as he gets more interested/starts building things.


Right now Duplos are still a tasty, textural experience, and a great way to make everyone jump as they come crashing off the shelf. Hopefully Oliver will remain content with the bottom shelf of toys and not start pulling the DVDs off the shelf.

2 thoughts on “the bottom shelf is for toys!

  1. Crawling? Standing? Pulling toys out on his own??? What are you going to do?! O is soooooooo BIG! BTW – love how neat your house always looks in the pictures!

  2. We’ve ordered a 2nd baby gate for the bottom of the stairs & started closing the doors to rooms we don’t want him getting into on his own. Right now his shelf of toys is keeping him fairly occupied though. 😉 Thanks! We don’t have a large place so we only put out 1/2 the toys at a time, they’re usually off to one side b/c O likes to crawl back and forth between the toys & the toy shelf so he can pull off more.

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