Living Room Explorer

Oliver is not crawling (he starts but then gets distracted, floor lint is just *so* interesting – and tasty), but he is managing to propel himself across the floor. He is also ending up in some rather interesting places.


I went to the bathroom, and when I came back I found him under the chair munching one of this socks.

I’m glad he enjoys exploring the living room, but it does mean I need to vacuum more, he really likes the floor lint and other bits and I’m pretty sure they’re not all edible.

Then today I emerged from the laundry room to find O diligently pulling wipes out of the packaging. He was damp, his play mat was damp, and the package was nearly empty. He was happily chewing on one, and had two neat piles of pulled out wipes. I wish the camera had been readily available.


Earlier I found him scooting backwards under the sofa. I was initially concerned his collection of balls would end up there, now I’m worried he’ll end up stuck there.

Maybe I should break out the portable containment unit as an alternative to free exploration when I need to change loads of laundry or run to the bathroom. Oh the dilemmas.

2 thoughts on “Living Room Explorer

  1. Oh, Kindli… I am scared of the day Sonya starts exploring like O. He looks so pleased with himself, half under the sofa. There are a lot of unsafe objects around our house…

  2. I know the feeling. It is exciting and terrifying at the same time. On the upside I’m thrilled he’s more mobile (one day he’ll be able to walk around on his own, no more lugging a wiggling baby), on the downside, he’ll be able to walk – then run, then run off.

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