measuring cups

Today at the store I got Oliver a set of plastic measuring cups.


He is particularly fond of the largest, 1 cup, measuring cup. 


It is tasty .

2 thoughts on “measuring cups

  1. Dude, did not realize you had a blog. Been reading all your adventures since 2007. You’re a really funny writer. You know, Drex sleeps on the left side of the Ned and I sleep in the middle and hog all the covers, too. Hmmmm… WordPress looks so much cooler than blogger! Are the templates hard to use?

  2. You’d have to ask Gavin (his woefully neglected blog is about the templates & all that technical stuff – he set it up. I just tinker with the side bar, I’m sure it’s fairly easy to do, but I’ve never bothered to do more.

    Glad you’ve been enjoying our adventures – I love reading yours as well. One day O-Baby & Magenta Starfish Robot should have a play date. I think they’d get along.

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