new sofa!

A few weeks ago, on a whim, we stopped by at Jennifer Convertibles in Rohnert Park -it was next to the computer geek store that Gavin wanted to visit.

We’ve been looking for a new sofa for some time now, key word there, looking. We wanted something comfortable, something leather, something Oliver-proof, and most importantly, something cheap.

We weren’t really intending on buying a sofa, but they had a sale going on, and we figured why not, the sofa met all our qualifications, it is very comfortable (we did extensive in-store testing), it is Oliver proof (we got the 5 year warranty), and it was cheap (substantially cheaper than anything else we’d looked at).


Our new sofa arrived today in the back of a huge truck, and Oliver was quite eager to test it out. The leather offers up less resistance than the fabric, and much to his surprise, he slipped over the edge (feet first) and landed solidly on his bottom.


The old sofa is in the garage, and will be given to a good home as soon as we get a vehicle big enough to transport it there.

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