Busy Weekend, Busy Baby

We spent the weekend at Grandma Dulce’s. Oliver was a very tolerant little fellow. We arrived Friday afternoon.

Saturday morning, Oliver was incredibly well behaved at Ikea: first in the Ergo, and then in the shopping cart. We were picking up parts for our new desk and filing cabinet (photos coming once everything is all set up). There was so much for him to see , it was really quite exciting. O slept through most of Microcenter in the Ergo, and I wish I’d been able to do the same (Gavin is getting parts for a new computer that he’s going to build himself, thankfully he didn’t take us to Fry’s).


Saturday, between Microcenter and dinner, Oliver played happily on the living room floor. Grandma Dulce set aside an egg carton and a paper towel tube for him to enjoy. She also found Gavin’s old sheep skin, and Megan’s snowman blanket – both of which were throughly enjoyed by O.

O has been making continued progress on his crawling and walking attempts. He’s quite close to crawling, and has been making tentative steps when held with assistance. While we’re not holding our breath for either, we are taking active steps to child proof electrical outlets and generally make things safer.


Saturday evening, it was hot and no one really felt like cooking. We went out to Olive Garden, and Oliver entertained himself chewing on the card-stock coasters. He also enjoyed watching the other patrons, and attempting to grab plates.

Sunday after church and lunch we drove back with Dulce (and a minivan full of stuff from Ikea). Dulce’s since gone home for the night, and Oliver has gone to bed. We’ve started putting the office back together, and eventually I will post photos.

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