Some thoughts on Baking

I miss cooking and baking extravagant things for no particular reason so I have come up with a plan, in addition to my cook-book-a-month plan, I think I am going to start making the Cookie of the Week using a similar concept, each month a different cookbook, each week a different cookie. Then in December, I can pick the most popular cookies for my Christmas Cookie Boxes (they were a phenomenal success last year).

After I try one (or two, or three…) I can send them to work with Gavin so his coworkers can once again enjoy my baking, and I’ll put my cookbook collection to use one more. Depending on how well this goes, I may expand and add the Extravagant Dessert of the Month as well (possibly timed to coincide with the monthly meal, but not exclusively tied to it).

I might not manage a cookie every week, or an extravagant meal/dessert every month, but it is something to aspire to. Hopefully it will also be a way to introduce Oliver to the joys of cooking and baking, and how to properly (eventually) handle kitchen equipment.

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