Bibs with Sleeves!

I’m getting pretty good a getting odd food stains out of Oliver’s clothing. The necks and sleeves of most of his outfits have been subjected to rinsing, enzyme cleaners, and other pre-wash treatments. I’m glad I’m getting good at stain removal, but I’d rather prevent them than expose a 7 month old’s clothes to more chemicals than necessary (and I’m lazy).

About a week ago I decided to get O some bibs with sleeves. They make art smocks for children, so why not long sleeved bibs for babies? After some looking around I found some on Amazon. It arrived yesterday, and so far has lived up to my expectations.


It fended off peaches yesterday, washed well today, and did a magnificent job fending off carrots today. A little snuck in around the neck, but for the most part, his clothes remained puree-free. I’m not thrilled by the tie in the back (I prefer velcro), but over all I am quite pleased.

If this one continues to hold up well I think I’ll get him another one – they come in such exciting colors, and having one to swap out is useful. Now if I could convince him to keep food out of his eyelashes.

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