Festive Autumnal Colors

In the past Gavin has suggested I find a hobby, in the past I have tried origami, sewing, growing a bonsai potato, gardening, cooking, and dealing with Oliver (although he’s not really a hobby, he’s more of a lifestyle).

Today while Oliver and I were out shopping for table cloths and accessories for our Halloween costumes (we’re going as a family of jack-o-lanterns), I decided to try my hand at something new. Inspired by the pre-made wreaths at Michaels, I decided to see if I could make a festive autumnal wreath on my own for less than $19.99 (the average cost for a small wreath).


I managed it:

  • $3   1 spool ribbon
  • $4   Grapevine Wreath
  • $3   Maple/Wheat berry (leaves)
  • $1   Harvest Garland
  • $2   Gold Swirl Fall Bow
  • Total: $13 plus tax ($15 if you include the wreath hanger)

I didn’t use flowers, or fake vegetables, or go with a very Halloweeny theme. It is a simple garland of festive fall leaves and ribbon, and I think it turned out decently (and festively autumnal). I’m still tinkering with it, but I think it is turning out decently.

Oliver enjoyed the trip to Michaels – there was so much to see, and he happily played with a placemat as I worked on it. If I feel inspired in a few months I may do a Christmas/winter wreath, and perhaps a spring wreath next year.

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