O-Baby’s Office Space

Oliver used to sit in his Boppy Lounger, positioned neatly between the file cabinet and the desk, under the window until a few weeks ago when he decided he’d rather sit upright and try to dive head first out of it. Between the safety belt and a good catch by Gavin he didn’t get very far.

The boppy lounger has taken up residence in the Harry Potter room for possible future use (or possible transition to the garage/Goodwill) and we are working on ideas for making a space for O to sit and play in the office.

Until further notice/we redo the office, he will continue to get the space between the file cabinet and the desk, under the window. We have put in some pillows to make a faux sofa of sorts (and so he won’t crash his head too hard if he suddenly looses his balance).

img_7945He has a small box for books and toys and one or two soft creatures to play with, and he seems mostly content with the location. He can see everyone coming and going, and keep a close eye on Gavin as he programs.

Eventually, when O figures out how to crawl (instead of just rolling around and kicking off things), we’ll probably have to rethink this space, but for now, it is working quite nicely.

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