Oliver likes to Swing

This afternoon Oliver and I took a walk to the park. We’ve walked to the park before, it’s about a quarter mile from our house, has a Bocca Ball court, duck pond, two play areas, a pavilion, climbing wall, and lots of open space. Most days we just walk along the path, look at the ducks, talk about what we see, and what is going on around us.

The last few days have been unpleasantly warm so extraneous outdoor activities have been shunned in favor of cooler indoor ones. Thankfully the weather has cooled off and yesterday’s trip to Angel Island was quite pleasant, today’s walk to the park was also enjoyable.

I opted to use the Ergo carrier instead of the stroller for today’s walk. We used both on our Angel Island excursion, and Oliver seemed to enjoy it – the straps were extra tasty. Fortunately we no longer need to use the infant insert for him to fit properly, and he can see out the top with out any problems.

Around 3:45, once the worst of the noon-day heat had passed, Oliver and I ventured off to the park. We watched some Bocca Ball, admired the ducks, walked around the pond, and to mix things up a bit, tried the infant swings.

It was his first time in a proper infant playground swing, he’s hung out in the door-way bouncy contraption (which he usually enjoys). He was a little hesitant at first, the swing was huge, so I positioned him carefully in an attempt to keep him from tipping backwards. Once he started swinging a look of overwhelming joy spread across his face. He was all smiles and giggles. I wish I’d brought the camera.

He enjoyed swinging at the playground more than he enjoyed the local kinder gym, but as the weather continues to cool (and the rainy season starts), as long as the weathers nice we’ll probably favor the park. I think once he’s able to walk the kinder gym will be more fun (for both of us).

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