Afternoon at Angel Island

Gavin, Oliver and I spent the afternoon with our friend Dana at Angel Island. Gavin had spent the week indoors and he wanted to do “something outside with out computers.” We decided to meet up in Tiburon, have lunch and visit Angel Island.

We had lunch at kid-friendly Way Point Pizza. Oliver entertained himself with their menu and Dana’s paper cup.

Dana & Oliver enjoying the cup

After lunch we took the ferry to Angel Island.  It was Oliver’s first boat trip, at first he was a little weirded out by the noise, we were on the lower deck in the back near the engines, but he handled it much better than the wailing 10-month old a few seats over.

On the ferry with Kindli

We walked around the island for about an hour or so. We didn’t go to the Immigration Station museum (we wanted to get home at a reasonable hour), but we did stop to pose with the lovely scenery.

Kindli, Gavin & Dana

Oliver had a nice afternoon nap and ignored the scenery.

Oliver napping

After we finished walking around the island, we took the ferry back and had ice cream. More photos of our adventures have been uploaded to Oliver’s 7 month album.

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