Oliver has a new toy, a small wooden train. It isn’t really new, Gavin used to play with it, but it is new to Oliver, and he spent most of the morning enjoying it’s neat features.

It has wheels that roll, it is made of wood, it is heavy, it has multiple components, and like the wooden spoon and crib leg, it is tasty.


We got the train a week or two ago when Grandma Dulce and Aunt Megan came up to visit. They came bearing many gifts for Oliver (they were cleaning out the attic).

The train sat in a box in our garage (along with several other boxes of toys that are still not age-appropriate), until this morning, when it was taken out, cleaned up a little, and handed to an eager Oliver.

The train passed the all the important tests: taste test, lift-ability test, cool features test (it has spinny wheels), and adorable photo-op test.

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