the dangers of reading

The other morning, after breakfast, I noticed Oliver’s hands were an odd shade of blue-purple, a decidedly unnatural color, the rest of him looked normal. I was a little concerned, blue-purple is not a skin tone you want to see on anyone, especially not a vibrantly healthy, squirmy six month old.

When I pointed out the coloration to Gavin, he started laughing, and reminded me that had been “reading” one of the local free family magazines from the grocery store. Apparently some of the newsprint had worn off on his damp hands, causing them to turn a unique shade of blue-purple.


A damp wipe and mild fuss returned his hands to their normal color.


That particular magazine has since been banished to the recycle bin. Oliver now gets to read leftover glossy catalogues (just not the current Ikea one), they don’t have icky newsprint.

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