aerodynamic collision and durability testing in sippy cups

Oliver has shown increased interest in doing more grown-up things, he wants to stand, use the computer and drink from a glass.

He’s had a few supervised sips from melamine tumblers. Usually he’ll make a grab at mine, so I’ll share a little of my ice water. His fingers grasp the mouth of the cup, his tongue juts out for a taste, and his eyes light up when the cold water hits. It usually goes fairly well, my cup gets slightly slimy, but O gets a kick out of it.

Yesterday, I was busy doing some baking, so I strapped O into his booster seat so he could watch. I had my glass of ice water, and after a few unsuccessful passes at it, he told me what he thought of the situation.

He did not want his toys, he wanted his own glass of water. Ideally, he wanted my glass of water, but a melamine tumbler with water would suffice. His hands were on it before I could put it on the tray, and it went up to his mouth in an attempt to drink.

I hadn’t put much water in it, and he couldn’t get a steep enough angle for the water to flow into his mouth. Undeterred he tipped it a bit more, spilling half of it down his face and outfit. The rest spilled all over the booster seat’s tray. He splashed in it a bit, hollered because he was wet, and then expressed his dismay with the empty tumbler, sending it skittering across the tile.

Today I decided to try again, not with a tumbler, but with a sippy cup. I picked one up at the store yesterday in a garish gender-neutral green, no-spill, BPA free, age 6 month+. We were set.

After lunch, while he was still in the confines of his booster seat, I gave him the sippy cup with some water. Oliver was thrilled, he promptly stuck the spout nub in his mouth and gummed away. He didn’t tilt the cup back enough to get anything, and he didn’t suck. I’m not sure how much water he actually got, but he had a grand time chewing on it.


Then he tried different angles.


The handles were tasty, the bottom was yummy. It was cold, there was condensation. The entire experience was very exciting (and spill-free), for about fifteen minutes.


Then the aerodynamic collision and durability testing started (still no spills!), at which point we both decided that was enough practice for one day.


We did try again later, with O in my lap, and slightly more parental involvement with the grip and angle. O managed to get some water, which he promptly proceeded to drool everywhere. My best guess is that chilled filtered water is not exciting. I may try again some other day with some Fresh Pumped and see if things go differently.

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