Ken, the Helpful Fan Guru

Our bedroom ceiling fan got replaced today. The light was dinky, the blades warped, and the whole thing wobbled, dangerously unbalanced, every time we tried to turn it on – even on the lowest setting.

This morning, after breakfast (2nd breakfast and Elevenses for Oliver) we drove over to Lowes. We got the new fan for the living room from there, and so far, have been quite pleased with the results.

While we asked questions of Ken, the helpful fan guru, Oliver stared up at the variety, enchanted.

Gavin installed our new fan this afternoon, while Oliver bounced in the jumpy thing suspended from the bathroom doorway.


Oliver was enthralled by the process, although mid-way through he decided he was bored and needed to snack. The new fan works beautifully, no hint of wobble. Now we can sleep safely and more comfortably. Thank you Gavin.

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