Pressboard into French Memo Board

I never cease to be amazed what a little fabric, a staple gun, duct tape, ribbon and a hammer can do. Today I made three lovely french memo boards. I’d googled around for some basic directions -most call for a canvas- and then decided to wing it with unwanted pressboard.

What were we doing with pressboard? A few weeks back, when we helped my MIL clean out her garage, Gavin asked that a bunch of scrap lumber and pressboard be set aside for us. We didn’t have space in our car for it at the time, so my MIL brought it up last Friday along with a bunch of other stuff Gavin felt we needed. I lay claim to the three that were a reasonably sized 12 x 18. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with the others.

A quick trip to the fabric store turned up some batting, ribbon, upholstery tacks (can’t exactly sew through pressboard), ribbon, and a large remnant of blue cotton.

I should have taken photos of the process. It was really quite simple (I got to use the power drill), similar to the directions all over the internet, only, instead of sewing buttons on, I pounded upholstery tacks (and occasionally my fingers).


Overall, I am quite pleased with the results. They were originally made to go in Oliver’s room instead of a cork board (we didn’t feel push-pins were the best thing to have in the nursery). I’m sure  one will end up in the nursery, but probably not all three.

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