O-baby’s hot* Bachelor** Pad

People have told us that Oliver’s room is going to be “a bit too small” once he becomes a teen.

That’s fine, it will encourage him to work hard in school, get into a good college, get a decent job and move out when the time comes. There will not be space for him to move all the stuff he accumulated back into his room.

He is also 12 1/2 years away from becoming a “teen” so we’re not going to worry about that just yet.

I can’t remember if we’ve shared photos of O’s nursery before or not. Today we finally installed curtain rods to help with the light issues. He has very nice blinds, but with it staying light later and getting light earlier, we figured nice dark curtains might be useful.


Yes, they are the same ones from our living room in Somerville (don’t know why the photo is broken… will have to ask Gavin). That window faces south, and we get a lovely breeze off the orchard in the back.

He also has a bookcase, some cool art (origami sail boats and an xkcd poster), an over sized space mobile (thanks Nick), a rocking chair, and you can see the corner of the crib on the left, changing table/dresser on the right.


His changing table is quite brilliant, it is also a dresser, so once he’s older we can take off the attachment and just have a dresser. We have a coordinating shelf above it, also very useful. We’ve hung all sorts of fun things off the little hooks, rattles, teething rings, bibs, hats, and musical pillow to name a few.


This is the view from the door looking in. Off to the right is the rocking chair, and bookcase. To the left the changing table. The window on the far wall faces almost due East so O gets a lovely bunch of early morning sunlight. Hopefully the curtains will help tone it down a little.

*it is “hot” the room is on the South East corner of the house and gets full sun blasting on it most of the day, it does get a nice cross breeze though

** O is currently a very single, unmarried little fellow, bachelor may be a bit of a stretch, but we liked how it sounded in the title, O also didn’t object

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