giraffe links for lunch

The last few weeks Oliver has become more insistent on taking part in what is happening around him: he wants to see the computer screen, interact with the trackpad, and join us at the table for meals.

With Oliver’s “assistance” at the computer I’ve found myself spending less time on the internet (hence fewer blog updates), but while the internet is easy to cut back on, things like lunch are not.

Eating a meal with Oliver in my lap is not impossible, just tricky. So far he has gotten into my salad, and disassembled a ham sandwich. Babies do not look good lightly slathered in condiments (even if they do it to themselves). 

The floor mat with brightly colored things hanging off it bought me some time in the lunch department, but was hopelessly useless for getting though dinner. Putting him in the play yard in the kitchen did not make him pleased either, he wanted to sit up (which he can’t quite do unsupported just yet). Some days these methods still work, but we realized we needed a slightly more long-term solution. We’d thought about buying a highchair or booster seat for him, but we didn’t really want to until it was absolutely necessary.

The moment of necessity came while visiting Grandma Dulce: he wanted to join us, we wanted to eat.  We compromised. Strapped into his car seat and pulled up to the table, Oliver happily sat and watched us enjoy our tacos, clearly a seat of his own at the table was in order.


The car seat solution worked great, at Grandma’s, but for home we’d need a different solution. Gavin and I had talked about highchairs v. booster seats, and we opted for a booster seat with a detachable tray

Today was the first time we tried out the new booster seat. The seat attaches firmly to one of our mis-matched dining room chairs, and I put a dishtowel under it for added protection to the chair.

Instead of reclining and taking it all in, a he had in the car seat (and the way the baby on the box was pictured), Oliver insisted on sitting as close to upright as he could, leaning forward slightly and chewing on his plastic links. We placed a small rolled up towel around his midsection to help keep him more centered.


Oliver was quite thrilled to be joining us at the big table, and we were quite thrilled to have an uninterrupted lunch.

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