lavender, mint & cute poof bushes

When we first bought the house, the left front side yard appeared to be nothing but dirt and some weeds. Then it rained all winter, and the weeds grew thigh-high.

After several weekends of weed-whacking, scraping, digging and weed-eradicating we finally put down some landscaping tarp, some lavender, mint and cute poof bushes. 


We still have a good bit of work to do: there are still four feet of (unpictured) weeds from the lavender to the curb, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. The right front yard (next to the Asian Pear) is also still a weedy mess, but we are making progress.

The back yard where the dog run used to be still needs a bit more work as well. We eradicated the waist-high weeds, and put in some wine barrel planters. Some smaller weeds are making a comeback, once those are annihilated, I strongly suspect landscaping tarp will be utilized there as well. 


No post would be complete with out mentioning Oliver at least once. I am pleased to announce more photos have been uploaded to Oliver’s 4-month Album, and remember to check out all of Oliver’s YouTube Videos as well!

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