Ferrari v. Gossie

 This afternoon Oliver and I expanded his appreciation of fine cars, we sat on the floor and looked at all the pretty pictures in Speed, Style, And Beauty: Cars from the Ralph Lauren Collection. Gavin got it for me back when we were dating after the exhibit was sold out

Oliver seemed to be fascinated by the bold red Ferraris. We worked our way through the book twice before Oliver decided it was hungry time, followed by nap time.

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. We “talked” about the cars, and I pointed out their key features: the Mercedes’ gull wing doors, the Ferrari’s pretty pony, etc.

Oliver sat at  safe distance, close enough to see the photos, far enough away that he could not reach the book. He has plenty of books aimed at his demographic, and I’m sure one day he will demand to have us read some of them. 

For now I am happy to expose him to variety, after all, a 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa is a lot more exciting than a little duck wearing red rain boots.

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