time to wake up I’m being SUPER CUTE! PAY ATTENTION TO ME NOW!!!!!

I have seen my share of Beautiful Sunrises. I used to see them when I went to work with Dad, we’d frequently be up before the sun rise and in the car on our way to a job site. Parts of Houston look amazing in the early morning light.

In college, there were several mornings I saw the sunrise on my way back to my dorm room for a few more hours of sleep. These were tranquil sunrises, before the rest of the campus was awake. The few of us who were awake, tended not to speak as we shuffled back to our dorms for a few quick hours before class. 

Then there are sunrises like the ones I’ve experienced more recently…

These sunrises are similar to the ones my parents enjoy gleefully recounting from my childhood. A favorite of theirs is the one we have termed Its Daylight Pete! in which I toddle into my parents room at some awful hour and convince my father to get out of bed only to fall asleep in the spot he vacated. 

It goes something like this (usually my dad tells it)

I was sound asleep when I hear this little voice at my side “wake up Pete!” I turn and I see the child. “Kindli, it is 4:30 in the morning, go back to bed.” “But its daylight Pete!” She’s just not taking no for an answer so I get up and brush my teeth. When I go back to the bedroom, there she is, not only is she sound asleep on my side of the bed, but I’m too awake to go back to sleep anyway.

Oliver does something similar. He woke up around 3 am demanding food, and then around 4:15. At 4:15 he was not hungry, didn’t need to burp, had a wet diaper (usually he’s not bothered by them, but we changed it anyway), and he showed no signs of being even remotely tired. 

After running down the list of “what could be wrong” I flat-out asked Oliver. “Are you just being wide awake for no good reason?” I got a BIG SMILE. Around 5:30, Gavin got out of bed, and I followed shortly thereafter around 6. 

Oliver worked his way into the middle of the bed (he can scoot sideways when he thinks no one is watching) and lay there grinning.

Yeah Oliver, we know it is daylight.

Update 10:06 am: Oliver fell asleep again around 9 am and is currently snoozing in his crib. Being cute for four hours is just so exhausting.

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