my first Mother’s Day

This year we did something different, for the first time, we celebrated Mother’s Day – with me as someone’s Mother. 

It is still pretty surreal being someone’s mother, and even more surreal celebrating Mother’s Day. 

Oliver & Gavin

We celebrated with my mother-in-law, Dulce, in Palo Alto. Thankfully Oliver was on his Best Behavior.

It was a busy, difficult weekend, thankfully, Oliver has been sleeping better/longer at night. He’s been falling asleep (for the night) around 10-11 pm and then sleeping until sometime between 3-5 am, and then he’s usually up for the day around 6-7 am. 

Saturday, Oliver got a cute outfit for church, and we attended a gathering of Stephen‘s past and present students. Oliver behaved very well, he smiled, cooed, napped and looked decidedly unimpressed as he held court in his stroller. 

Saturday evening, Gavin and I saw the new Star Trek movie. Oliver stayed home with Grandma Dulce. It was nice to have an evening out, and Dulce enjoyed spending one-on-one time with Oliver. 

Sunday, Oliver spent time in the church’s child care room. Apparently he amused himself with his hands, admired his shoes, and had a nap. After church we wheeled him into the main building and people flocked around to see him. He is a mini-celebrity. 

Sunday afternoon, we visited Dana and Brint. Oliver continued to behave well, although Kia and Caspian (Dana’s dogs) took great interest in him. Oliver also allowed himself to be held.

Oliver seems to enjoy being held more in smaller groups where people are sitting down, for larger groups, he enjoys holding court from his stroller, it is also easier for him to zonk out and ignore the world. Over all, a very good little fellow.

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