Oliver Floats

Today I decided to try something new, instead of bathing Oliver in his little tub in the sink with the little hammock, I decided to try bathing him in his little tub in the downstairs tub without the hammock.

Oliver has gotten better about bath time, his first few baths he fussed, but once we realized he liked the water a little warmer (and the house a little warmer) bath time went much more smoothly.

I was not anticipating any  issues with bath time in a new location, however as I lowered Oliver into the tub (sans hammock) he freaked out. I was kneeling down supporting him, and I continued to do so. Eventually he calmed down and realized it was not the end of the world.

Then I reached for the baby cleaning gel, Oliver’s submerged bits floated to the surface. He floated contentedly on his back for a few moments until I sat him back down. I was simultaneously surprised and impressed by his buoyancy.

When he was finished being cleaned off we had floaty time in the tub. I supported his head as he floated on his back with his legs in the air, an odd way to float, but he seemed to be having fun.

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