more backyard improvements

When we first moved in the backyard had great potential and needed a lot of work. It has come a long way since last October, and we’re still making plans to make it even better. 

We’ve scraped out the dog run and put in wine barrels ringed with broken flagstone and broken concrete bench. We thought about a 8×4 raised bed, perhaps next year, we’re going to see how well our wine barrels do first. So far, we’re growing tomatoes and peppers. 

The poorly supported flowering shrub (?) of questionable origin, health and structural integrity has been taken out and replaced with a little Meyer Lemon, we’re hoping it grows in a more tree-like shape and eventually provides some fruit. 


Along the back wall are several pots of herbs, mint, and roses. The jasmine did not do so well being transplanted and has since moved on to the Great Garden in the Sky. I plan to relocate the barrel to the far corner behind the gate and transplant my blackberries to the jasmine’s former barrel. 

img_34761Eventually we plan to invest in some new patio umbrellas, our old one did not survive the winter rain and wind. I’d also like to find a good place to put up my hammock, and in a year or two perhaps a sand box or small play-thing for Oliver.

One thought on “more backyard improvements

  1. I’m sure you’ll find some things you like that grow well in your space. Parsley? Basil? Nasturtiums? Wish I could help you back there!

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