Oliver’s Biggest New Fan

While out running errands on Saturday Gavin and I stopped in at Lowes, I can’t quite remember why we did, but I am glad it was on our list of places to visit. Sun umbrellas, yes, that was the reason, we didn’t find any that we liked, but we did find a fantastic new fan for our living room.

We’ve been looking for a new fan since we signed the paperwork for our new house back in September/October. The old fan was truly spectacular for all the wrong reasons, and hung dangerously low. It also terrified Oliver.

the old fan was scary

We worked up a list of things we needed from a new fixture: obviously we needed a fan, some sort of subtle lighting, we needed it to be hug the ceiling, and we didn’t want it to look awful (or anything like the old one). No mid-90s baroque revival gold, no fiddily bits, no scary hovering mosquito-like qualities, and it had to be ascetically pleasing (or at least decent).

We spent hours looking at fans online and found a few we liked, but they were mostly designed for impressively vaulted ceilings and cost more than we were willing to spend. We also spent quite a while looking at fans in person. Lowes, Home Depot, Costco, anywhere that might have ceiling fans was investigated. We didn’t go out specifically to get a new fan, but we always made sure to investigate once we were there.

This brings us nicely to Lowes on Saturday afternoon. We’d gone in search of sun umbrellas for our back patio (our last one, a hand-me-down from Gavin’s parents had not faired well in the elements), and didn’t find any that we liked.

While we were at Lowes (with Oliver zonked out) we decided to investigate fans. Most of them did not quite fit our needs: they dangled too low, or had funky light fixtures (or none at all). Then we saw the 52″ Stylist Hugger Ceiling Fan made by the Monte Carlo Fan Company. It fit our requirements: it hugged the ceiling, it had a tasteful light fixture, and it was well within our price range. 

Sunday afternoon’s Big Project was the instillation of the new ceiling fan. It was a joyous, momentous occasion. Oliver slept through most of it. He woke up in time to oversee the instillation of the fan blades and light fixture. 

the new fan is a HUGE improvement

The fan has passed the Oliver Approval Test, last night as he lay next to me on the sofa, he stared up at the new fixture and smiled contentedly. It has also passed the Excited Gavin Test, Gavin can now flail his arms in the air without fear of getting his wrists broken by the fan blades. Both Gavin and I can walk under the fan pulls without hitting our heads, and we are no longer blinded by the light.

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