Give thanks at Easter

In addition to being grateful for a wonderful family, caring husband, and adorable son, I would like to express my thanks for the man in the white Ford F-150 this evening. 

On our way home from Palo Alto this evening we noticed the tire pressure light was on. We didn’t think much of it and decided to check it out on Monday, that was until it started making odd noises. The odd noises continued as we exited 101 for the Golden Gate Bridge, so we pulled onto a side street to check out the situation.

The rear tire on the driver’s side was completely flat. Gavin was astounded that I hadn’t felt any difference in the car’s handling -admittedly I was pretty shocked myself- up until the last 200 yards or so, aside from the increasingly loud odd noise, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

After debating wether or not we should call AAA (we decided not to), we set about emptying the trunk and getting the spare tire and jack out. It was getting chilly and dark, and neither of us were looking forward to the task. 

Several cars drove past, and one, a white Ford F-150 with a “baby on board” sign stopped in the middle of the road in front of us. A man got out and offered his assistance. His english wasn’t very good (neither was our spanish). He had a more efficient jack, and he obviously knew what he was doing. With a little assistance from Gavin, he quickly, expertly changed out our tire.

We thanked him profusely and asked if there was any thing we could to. He simply smiled, shook our hands and was on his way. 

I wish we could’ve done something more in return, words cannot express how grateful I am to him for his assistance with our tire this evening. 


Blog post & photos of the cheesecake and Oliver’s first Easter will be probably be posted tomorrow, we’ve had a long day.

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