mid-90s Baroque-Revival

When Gavin and I moved in last October we promised each other that the mid-90s Baroque-Revival fan that graced our living room ceiling would have to go, so imagine our horror when we discovered that little Oliver is fascinated by it. 


Actually, I’m not sure fascinated is the right word, he is fascinated by the light filtering through the blinds, the way his over sized space mobile moves in front of the light, and by his own hands. All these things keep his attention for several seconds, he’ll stare at them contentedly, intently watching the light and shapes.

The hovering monstrosity in the living room is a different matter, although it captivates his attention, the look on his face is of the utmost terror.

We thought about taking it out and putting in a cheap, temporary light fixture, but we need the fan for circulation. Need is not too strong a word, with a full southern exposure, the house gets quite warm so fans are crucial in keeping the temperatures somewhat reasonable. 

Our search for a new fan has been slow. We’re trying to find something with a light fixture that has not looked awful, or dangled dangerously into the middle of our living room. 

Hopefully we will find a suitable fixture in the coming months so little Oliver will no longer cower in fear as he stares at the living room ceiling. 

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