Fashion Icon for His Generation

Oliver is an incredibly stylish baby. He frequently wows his fans with well coordinated outfits, exceptional fashion choices, and this years up and coming designers

This morning was no exception, the mission: take Gavin to work, then run errands with Kindli.


Ready to take on the world (or take Gavin to work)

The outfit: Dinosaur Robeez from Auntie Leslie, tan pants, a “Little Friends” onesie  and a snuggly hoodie from Emma & Isabella. No outfit is complete with out super-trendy sunglasses that protect from UV rays. 

What amazed me the most was how the shoes stayed on until I took them off (nearly an hour, and the socks are *still* on his feet!!). So far every pair of socks, booties, or foot-coverings I have tried have been kicked off with in a matter of seconds (the previous record being about five minutes). 


A close up of the Dinosaur Robeez from “Auntie Leslie” in Munchen

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